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Can-Do Kitchen Members

We work closely with these businesses to provide support throughout production and growth, and help them overcome obstacles along the way. We meet annually to assess goals and stay on track to graduation.


The Adventures of Barb and Tammy

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Clara's Kitchen, LLC

Learn more about Mike's Famous Michigan Bean Dip here.


Learn more about DoughChicks here.


Fizzy Bread and Dips Co.

Learn more about Fizzy Bread and Dips here.


Kzoo Brain Food

Learn more about Kzoo Brain Food here.

Perfect Blend Coffee 

Learn more about Perfect Blend here

Salt with a Kick

Learn more about the Clemens family here.


Tegany Vegany Soulbelly Foods

Learn about Remi's multi-faceted project here

Luna Delights

Learn more about Luna Delights here


Learn more about Make.Bake.Smile. here.


Can-Do Kitchen Graduates

These businesses have completed our incubation program and continue to grow in the community and beyond. They also make up a strong support network of mentorship and shared experiences for our members.


This beet kvass company is getting ready to launch in Los Angeles! Stay tuned...

Kalamazoo Pickle Co. 

Learn more about Kalamazoo Pickle Co. here.

Ageless Pantry LLC 

Learn more about Ageless Pantry here.   Email:

Mamaleelu Cold Brew LLC -  

Learn more about Mamaleelu here. Email:

Brazilian Oven, LLC 

Learn more about Brazilian Oven here. Email:

Free Love Bakery 

Learn more about Free Love here. Email:

Kaleamazoo Chips   

Learn more about Kaleamazoo Chips and Fresh Food Fairy here. Email:

The Cheese Lady 

Learn more about our local The Cheese Lady location here. Email:

TCB Food Processing 

Learn more about TCB and their co-packing services here

Cookingnheelz Cooking Club -

Learn more about Chef K here