Learn more about how we support food businesses like yours at Can-Do Kitchen

What's my road map to start a business at Can-Do Kitchen?

How We Support Entrepreneurs

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We provide resource lists, tips, and referrals to help you through this process.



Through our knowledge of legal requirements, a partnership with a label specialist, and the CDK experiential education series, we are able to provide guidance and resources to help you develop a professional label for your product.


Can-Do Kitchen has positive relationships with local retailers and we will provide you with valuable resource lists and connections to local distributors.


Members of the Can-Do Kitchen have access to wholesale ordering, several resource lists, and guidance through meetings and the CDK experiential education series.

We have a licensed facility, years of experience navigating the licensing world, good relationships with local licensing agents, and provide food safety guidance while we help you get your own license.


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Our partnerships with professional business counselors and experience working with several food businesses make it possible for us to guide you through this process. We're happy to share our resources and provide access to the CDK experiential education series


We have partnerships and connections with graphic design & marketing companies and provide you with those resources in addition to affordable guidance through the CDK experiential education series.

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We offer both written and verbal translation services to our members that are more comfortable navigating the challenges of starting a food business in their native languages.


Can-Do Camp is a 16-week group incubation process in which you’ll learn all the necessary requirements and best practices for starting a food business. You’ll have the opportunity to build a support network with your peers and learn from local professionals. You’ll receive essential resource guides, referrals, food safety guidance, connections to local retailers and much more. By the end of Can-Do Camp, you’ll be ready to launch your business with a solid foundation and start producing in the kitchen! The next Can-Do Camp will be September 11th, 2019 - January 15th, 2020, Wednesdays from 6:00-8:00pm (with the exception of 11/27, 12/25, & 1/1). Attend one of our upcoming Group Tour & Information Sessions to receive an application or download a copy here


Starting a food business is expensive. We want people who have been marginalized and lack capital to have the opportunity to start businesses with the Can-Do Kitchen. Scholarship funds help aspiring entrepreneurs launch food businesses with our ongoing incubation support. We are not currently accepting applications. If you would like to be notified of future scholarship opportunities, please email startup@candokitchen.org.

Who Should Apply?

Anyone with a food business idea wanting to learn how to launch a successful startup from scratch or transition from a cottage to commercial business. Attend one of our upcoming Group Tour & Information Sessions to receive an application. 

Are you interested in being a Food Business Mentor?

We are seeking current and former food business owners to be mentors for our entrepreneurs. Do you have experience that could help guide a new startup food business owner? Please leave your info in the link below and we’ll contact you soon about becoming a volunteer mentor.